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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crochet Necklace

I have this yarn, Paton's Lacette, which is discontinued. I think I know why... when I first bought the one small skein that I have from Michael's several years ago, I thought I would never use it. I tried to pull out the beginning strand, and it was so utterly entangled, I figured it was beyond repair. And anyone that knows me well knows that I have and will spend hours un-knotting yarn. This one is a sorta shaggy mohair blend, so even when the actual yarn isn't knotted, the fuzz balls up and sticks to itself. Anyway, I was really irritated because it is so soft and has a nice sheen. By some miracle, I managed to sort out the tangles and make it workable.
It has two little buttons for a closure. I was thinking about beading it, but I kind of like it plain. I haven't blocked it yet, but I think I'd better. It's super soft and not at all itchy.

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