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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Card for Ilka

Well, today was my first Monday in the pharmacy without Ilka and to be honest, it was not a good day. The morning was busy, taking breaks in the afternoon put even more pressure on the two techs not on break, and the evening just isn't the same without Ilka's presence. (She helped me keep my sanity after Kristen leaves.) Instead of having two of us proficient at doing data entry, now it's just me. On top of that, I have to place the order while doing drop-off and answering everyone's questions about "where is this drug?", "this patient said that the price should be different," "can you call this doctor/insurance/patient?". (It really shows my "controlling" side when I can't delegate tasks to others because I'm convinced it will only waste more time.) Scott and I were watching the Colbert Report not long ago and there was Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows, speaking about how multi-tasking is a bad thing and that people who think they're good at it are actually bad at it. All I know is, I miss my boo already. So, I made her a card.
I cut the letters in SCAL and the rest with my new favorite cartridge - Create a Critter. The glitter glue really isn't as sloppy as it looks in the picture. That's just the lighting. I'm sure my photo-guru Danh could school me in that.

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  1. Create a Critter is my favorite as well. Those critters are just TOO cute!