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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Boot for SCAL

Occasionally I get on a kick where I just want to make something for the sake of making it. I have absolutely no use for a Victorian-style paper boot... but I thought it was cute and I wanted to cut it. So I opened up Photoshop and turned a picture of some boots into more simple shapes and imported the bitmap into Inkscape where I turned it into a vector file to use in SCAL. (Easier said than done... it took over an hour before I was satisfied with the vector file.) Then I was ready to cut. At this point I discovered that my Cricut will not use the 12x6 cutting mats... it rotated all over the place in the machine. Frustrating, but eventually I got the thing cut and finished.

Apparently Blogger doesn't like SVG files, so here's what I used saved as a PNG.

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